National Association of Professional Process Servers

Financial Services Compliant Accreditation Through NAPPS

In response to the legal communities increasing demand and compliance expectations of the Process Server profession. A demand that trickled down from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Compliance mandates enforced upon the Legal Community. Banks, Collection agencies and other financial institutions are requiring law firms to adhere to strict vendor management practices. As a result, Law firms who routinely work with process service companies are searching for companies that have been vetted and adhere to a standard code of compliance practices within their organization.

Benefits of Applying for NAPPS FSC Accreditation Program

Increases operational efficiencies and elevates marketability of business to the Legal Community: FSC Accreditation will create instant visibility that your business has been prequalified in adhering to safe, sound and secure business practices.

How to Apply for NAPPS FSC Accreditation

Login to the NAPPS member only section of the Website: NAPPS.ORG and Download the Application
Submit the Application along with all supporting documentation and policies

FSC Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can apply for FSC accreditation approval? Any NAPPS member in Good standing.
  2. How do I determine what policies are mandatory to obtain FSC Accreditation? All mandatory policies and documentation required are listed directly on the FSC application.
  3. How do I obtain additional information on creating a specific policy? Log in to the member only section of the website and review the FSC Compliance Glossary of Terms for assistance.
  4. How long does the application process take? Please allow 4-6 weeks for committee review.
  5. How long is the FSC Accreditation period? The FSC accreditation is awarded in 1 year increments. Applicants will be required to complete a renewal application each year and submit updated compliance policies and certificates.
  6. Is the FSC Accreditation awarded to Individual Member or Company? It is awarded to the participant Company and The FSC Logo will appear next to the Company Name as it appears on the NAPPS Website.
  7. How do I apply to Renew FSC Accreditation status? Sign in to the member only section of the NAPPS website and obtain the Financial Services Complaint Accreditation Program Renewal Application and submit to
  8. What are the terms and conditions of Renewal:Must remain a NAPPS member in good standing and maintain the following Mandatory policies and certificates:
    • Certificate of Business Insurance
    • Certificate of Business License and State Legal Entity Registration

Participant must acknowledge the following policies have been reviewed during renewal application process and all changes to policy/procedure have been fully documented and communicated.

  • Code of Conduct Policy for Employees
  • Disaster Recovery plan aka Business Continuity Plan
  • Vendor Management Policy
  • Visitor Sign- In Policy
  • Document retention and destruction policy
  • Information Security policy
  • User Access Policy
  • Password Policy of Computers in office
  • Case Management Software: Explain
  • Access Control Policy
  • 3rd Party-Mobile Computer Policy
  • Removable Media Policy
  • Wireless Use Policy
  • Provide Anti-Virus Policy
  • Data Management Policy
  • Incident Response Plan

To apply for the FSC Accreditation, download the application below.

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