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Benefits of Joining a Process Serving Association

If you are working as a process server, you may be trying to figure out how you can make your business more successful. Every independent contractor or small business owner wants to secure more work, gain credibility, and further develop their career. One of the easiest ways that a process server can work toward accomplishing these goals is to join a process server association. Keep reading to understand how joining a process server association like NAPPS can help benefit you and help further your career as a civil process server.

Process Server Associations Provide Access to Legislative Updates

One of the challenges to being a process server is keeping up with the seemingly endless changes to legislation. In order to serve process effectively and ensure that you are serving in accordance with the current laws and regulations, you need to stay up to speed with what changes are happening and when they go into effect. By joining a civil process server association, you will be provided with updates when legislative changes happen so you can be equipped with the right information to do your job correctly.

Process Server Associations Advocate for Process Servers

Process server associations work to protect process servers and advocate on their behalf legislatively. They work with legislators to introduce legislation that helps to improve the safety of process servers, such as making process server assault a felony in some states. Additionally, they work to ensure that legislation that is put forth would benefit and not hinder process servers, such as legislation regarding body cameras. These are just a couple of examples where process server associations work to protect the industry and your livelihood.

Gain Credibility Through Joining a Process Server Association

Process server associations have bylaws and a code of ethics. These requirements ensure that the process servers who join the association are doing their jobs as process servers accurately, in accordance with all laws, and with proper licensure, bonds, permits, etc. When you are part of a process server association, your clients will see that you are pledging to abide by these bylaws and that you will be held accountable if you aren’t. This credibility results in an added layer of trust, benefiting you as a process server.

Member Benefits

By joining a process server association, you also have access to a number of member exclusive benefits. The most valuable membership benefit is perhaps being listed as a member, which can aid in SEO ranking for your website, and additional job leads. You have the ability to gain work from other members who might not be able to effectuate service in a particular area that you work within. As an example of some of the benefits you can gain from joining a professional process server association, when you join NAPPS, you are granted a number of discounts on everything from office supplies at participating retailers to getting access to secure document transfer services and even discounts on fitness memberships. Each association offers different benefits. To see the full list of member benefits NAPPS offers, check out the website.

Further Your Career

Additionally, process server associations provide a number of opportunities for professional development. Professional development can come in the form of training, conference seminars, and more. It is important to fully understand industry changes, new technology requirements, and a process server association will keep you updated and ready to work. Staying current with a changing industry puts you ahead of those who do not choose to stay updated. Furthermore, process server associations offer you plenty of ways to further your career, including options to network with other process servers so that you can learn from them, gain trusted associates with whom you may share work, and ultimately give you access to more business opportunities.

Professional Process Server Associations Help Process Servers

Clearly, there are a number of benefits to joining a professional process server association. When you join an association, you are putting yourself and your process serving business in a position to succeed. Interested in joining NAPPS? Click here to get started.

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