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Murfreesboro, Tennessee  2020

Name: Hutchinson, Joshua Kyle  
Member Since: 2020  
Mailing: Hutch Serves
1018 Cascadeway Drive
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129
Phone(s): (510) 331-5430
Fax Number:  
Services: PS  
PI License#:  
Counties Served: Rutherford, Williamson, Davidson  

Murfreesboro, Tennessee  2010

Name: Meadows, Pamela  
Member Since: 2010  
Mailing: Kentucky Process Service Inc. - Tennessee Division
128 South Locust Street (Corporate Mailing Address)
Versailles, Kentucky 40383
1784 W. Northfield Blvd.
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129
Phone(s): (877) 367-9931, (859) 489-0726
Fax Number:  
Services: PS CF CRS PC ST Registered Agent Service; Rush/Same day; On Call 24/7  
PI License#:  
Counties Served: State of Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, and West Virginia  

Murfreesboro, Tennessee  2018

Name: Cain , Roxanne  
Member Since: 2018  
Mailing: RGC Research
5476 Burnt Knob Rd.
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129
Phone(s): (615) 867-9696, (615) 474-6008
Fax Number: (615) 893-6722  
Services: PS CF CRS  
PI License#:  
Counties Served: Rutherford, Cannon, Bedford  

Murfreesboro, Tennessee  2012

Name: Belli, James C.  
Member Since: 2012  
Mailing: The Watchmen Group, Investigations Inc.
P.O. Box 331556
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37133
718 South Church St. Suite A
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130
Phone(s): (888) 411-6430, (615) 573-4708
Fax Number: (888) 873-1430  
Services: PS CF CRS SP PC ST PI (Fee in advance)  
PI License#: 00001958  
Counties Served: Rutherford, Bedford, Cannon, Coffee, Williamson, Grundy, Warren, Van Buren, Maury, Hamilton, Bradley  

Murfreesboro, Tennessee  2015

Name: Kellogg, William "Clayton"  
Member Since: 2015  
Mailing: Middle Tennessee Process Services
P.O. Box 57
Christiana, Tennessee 37037
Phone(s): (615) 785-1888
Fax Number:  
Services: PS CF  
PI License#:  
Counties Served: Mid-TENNESSEE  

Murfreesboro, Tennessee  2009

Name: Denny, Judy  
Member Since: 2009  
Mailing: Paper Chasers Legal Services
1715-KS Rutherford Blvd. #282
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130
Phone(s): (615) 653-2271
Fax Number: (615) 409-6148  
Services: PS CF CRS SP PC (Fee in advance) Expartes  
PI License#:  
Counties Served: Cannon, Coffee, Bedford, Dekalb, Davidson, Rutherford, Wilson, Williamson, Warren, Putnam, Smith, White  

Murfreesboro, Tennessee  2004

Name: Fowler, Jeff  
Member Since: 2004  
Mailing: Perfected Process Service LLC
406 Olympia Place
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130
Phone(s): (615) 556-3925
Fax Number: (866) 900-5509  
Services: PS CRS PC ST PI (Fee in advance)  
PI License#: 00000075  
Counties Served: Rutherford, Davidson, Wilson, Canon, DeKalb, Warren, Coffee, Bedford; Middle TENNESSEE  

Murfreesboro, Tennessee  2008

Name: Miller, David  
Member Since: 2008  
Mailing: Expedited Process Service
2746 Portside Court
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37128
Phone(s): (615) 692-9679
Fax Number: (615) 494-1986  
Services: PS (Fee in advance)  
PI License#:  
Counties Served: Mid TENN: Rutheford, Bedford, Davidson, Cannon, Williamson, Sumner, Dekalb, Putnam, Wilson, Warren; West TENN: Henry, Benton, Carroll, Weakley, Stewart