National Association of Professional Process Servers

Good Behavior

Since the last update in the November-December Docket Sheet, 10 complaints have been submitted to this committee which is an increase of 30% over last period, but that's only two complaints as last
period was a record low of 7.

Of those 10 complaints received:

    • 1 have been Non-Payment Complaints with 1 closed and 0 pending.

    • 3 have been Unethical Complaints with 0 closed and 3 pending.

    • 6 have been Notices of Intent to File Complaint with 6 closed and 0 pending.

The Committee has issued zero (0) Pattern of Behavior Warning Letters during this period.

I'm happy to say that the last full NonPayment Complaint has not been filed since August 2016! (The filing this period was for a non-member and, therefore, can not be processed).

I look forward to the upcoming Board Meeting on February 11, 2017 in New York City. I hope all of you on the east coast can try to attend, weather permitting.

This holiday season was quiet and filled with snowy days. I hope your holiday season was full of enjoyment with your family and friends.

I wish you all a prosperous year to come.