National Association of Professional Process Servers

Successful Workshop

The Board of Directors and all Committee Chairpersons participated in a one day workshop this month to draw up their goals for the coming year and set some plans into motion. The workshop allowed us to get a lot of conversation going without the delay of motions and votes encountered in a normal board meeting. I feel it was very productive and may become a regular occurrence.

Since the last Board Meeting in November 2016, 19 complaints have been submitted to this committee which is a 20% increase from the last period.


Of those complaints received:


    • 1 have been Non-Payment Complaints with 1 closed and 0 pending.

    • 4 have been Unethical Complaints with 3 closed and 1 pending.

    • 14 have been Notices of Intent to File Complaint with 11 closed and 3 pending.


The Committee has issued 2 Pattern of Behavior Warning Letters during this period.

The changes made by the ad hoc committee mentioned in the November-December 2016 Docket Sheet report have been posted on and summarized on the Arbitration & Grievance Committee blog at The benefits of the changes most likely will not come to light for another one to two quarters as the cases will need to progress through the entire process, but we believe they will streamline and ease the procedures for our membership.


If anyone is interested in becoming a member of a Panel Review Committee, please reach out to me at!