National Association of Professional Process Servers

NAPPS Board Meeting, New York 2/10-2/11/17

It was a very productive weekend in New York despite the weather.  This is the first time since I have been a committee chair that a workshop was held on the Friday before the Board Meeting.  I believe we were able to get a lot accomplished.  

Many committees overlap and have the same goals; to promote the NAPPS brand and to grow the association member numbers.  To that end Member Benefits, P&G, SDTS, FSC, National Relations and Technology will be working together on an advertising campaign.  This is both exciting and will be challenging but I am looking forward to it.

It is also believed that as committee chairs change it is sometimes difficult for the new chair to know what is expected of him or her.  All committees are to put together some type of calendar or diary of what it is they do throughout the year and provide a copy of that to the administrative office to pass on to a new chair.  It was also believed this would be very helpful to a new President.

From the P&G side I am very excited for some upcoming discounts and freebies.  Do not forget if you renew your NAPPS membership at the conference in New Orleans you will receive a $50.00 discount.  Also, if you want to get any colleagues, associates or members of your staff on the membership roles of NAPPS you can do so at either a State Conference or the NAPPS conference at a 50% discount.  

The member survey is ready to roll.  We hope to have that available very soon through Constant Contact or other online survey resource as well as on the web site.  I also want to announce, the surveys will be available at the registration desk of the NAPPS conference in New Orleans.  Pick one up, fill it out, return it to the desk and place your card in the bowl.  There will be a drawing during the Awards Banquet for a fabulous prize.  Please tell us your likes and dislikes.  We can only improve NAPPS if we hear from you.

I would also encourage you to check out the member benefits page and blogs.  Using just one of the benefits could help defray the cost of your yearly dues. 

Hope to see everyone in New Orleans!

Thank you and as always, contact me with any questions or comments.

Tammy Matesevac Runchey, Promotion and Growth Chair