National Association of Professional Process Servers

Decrease in Filings

Since the last update in the September-October Docket Sheet, 7 complaints have been submitted to this committee which is a decrease of 75% over last period!

Of those complaints received:

    • 0 have been Non-Payment Complaints with 0 closed and 0 pending.

    • 2 have been Unethical Complaints with 1 closed and 1 pending.

    • 5 have been Notices of Intent to File Complaint with 5 closed and 0 pending.

The Committee has issued zero (0) Pattern of Behavior Warning Letters during this period.

Of all complaints five (5) were presented to the Board on November 5, 2016.

During the August 2016 Board Meeting, President Randall formed a committee to review and re-write NAPPS Policy regarding Arbitration & Grievance. This process added certain steps that the committee performs but are not outlined in the policy as well as clarifying some deadlines and procedures that are followed. Please review the revised Policy before and during the submission of a NAPPS Complaint to remain informed.