National Association of Professional Process Servers

Policy and Procedures

As some of you may know, the section of the NAPPS Policy affecting Arbitration & Grievance, policy 5, has been altered.  The changes made are as follows:

- Allow for electronic delivery of the forms to each member
- Provide a shorter timeline for complaints involving proofs of service or non-service
- Specifies when an appeal or reconsideration may be requested
- Defines the role and timeline for panel review committee members

The Panel Review Committee assists with decisions on a per case basis when needed. If the members involved can not agree after the initial complaint and reply, then the file moves to the Panel Review Committee for a majority decision on the case merits and recommendations of any sanctions.

Panel Review Committees consists of volunteer NAPPS members who give up their time and opinions to review a handful of cases per year. This committee currently has three panels of three members to assist in its decision making.

If any of you are interested in serving as a panel member, feel free to reach out to me at or 800-779-0379.