National Association of Professional Process Servers

A&G Procedures

During March and April of 2015 this committee has received 20 complaint. Of which 15 of those were Notices of Intent to File a Complaint used for nonpayment of invoices which exceed 90 days. Five of the Notices of Intent to File a Complaint were dismissed when received as the complaining member did not wait until the invoice was over 90 days old. This committee will not acknowledge the NonPayment Complaint without proper notice of the Notice of Intent to File a Complaint. You will be required to begin the process again after the invoice(s) in question reach(es) 90 days. Also, there are forms available on the website ( or you may request them from myself at to be used for the Notice of Intent to File a Complaint, NonPayment Complaint and Unethical Complaint. You must submit the appropriate form with your complaint in order to initiate the process. Policy 5 contains language to allow this committee to issue a Pattern of Behavior Warning Letter to those members who have an unacceptable amount of complaints of any form being filed against them. This permits the committee to bring an action to the Board of Directors regarding members who have repeatedly violated NAPPS Policies and Procedures or Code of Ethics without awaiting a complaint regarding such behavior from the membership. As chair, I have chosen the abide by the “three strikes and you're out” analogy. If you receive three of the same form of complaint (ie: Notice of Intent, NonPayment or Unethical), then you will receive a warning letter from this committee regarding that behavior. If the behavior continues after the warning letter is issued, then the Board of Directors will be notified and asked to vote on non-monetary or monetary sanctions against said member. I am happy to say that two-thirds of the members who have received such a warning letter have ceased to receive any further complaints.