National Association of Professional Process Servers

Ignorance is Not Always Bliss

Now that I have been in this committee for a length of time and have had the privilege of seeing several cases through to the Board of Directors and through the Reconsideration process, I have received communications from members involved in the process who did not like the outcome as it was not what they had intended by filing the complaint. As suggested in an earlier publication by this committee, I would like to request that all members who intend on filing a complaint, Non-Payment or Unethical, familiarize yourselves with the NAPPS Code of Ethics and Policies. Remember that this committee is not here to act as your collection agent or babysitter. The complaint process is specifically outlined and should be used appropriately. Communicating among yourselves after filing a complaint to reach an agreement outside of this committee will cause unnecessary sanctions be imposed on either Member. You must keep this committee informed of all communications that will affect the outcome of the complaint that has been filed. If the outcome of the complaint filed is unsatisfactory to the Member who filed the complaint, remember that only the Member affected by the outcome – the Member whose membership has been revoked or the Member who will receive the reprimand – can file a request for reconsideration. That request for reconsideration must contain information that was not available to the Board or Panel at the time of their decision or explain why the decision was unfair or unjust. You can not request reconsideration if you were not affected or only because you did not like the outcome. If any Member is displeased with the procedures in place, you may attend a board meeting and voice your opinion and request that the Board of Directors vote upon a change in the policy. inimum read the NAPPS Policy Manual before filing a complaint to determine if it is something that would satisfy your disapproval of the other NAPPS Member.