National Association of Professional Process Servers

Technology Committee Report - Website Update - 12-1-16

As the Technology chair, I have been looking for ways to enhance the NAPPS Job Post feature. Some of ways are installing of Google Maps, drop down of document types and providing rules for all 50 states in order to provide more information to the member.

Updates and or Features to be or have installed on live NAPPS website as follows:

  • Install a "Runner" in the Members Only Section and or Home page of website to display breaking news or upcoming events. 
  • Design and build a NAPPS App to replace Whova – Conventions, news & Updates
  • Add a "Return to Home" bottom at the bottom of each page/link.
  • Added Disclaimer Terms of Use *
  • Added Drop down “Document Type” and listed 15 common documents served:
  • Added Disclaimer wording under comments and above Send E-Mail *
  • Created a database spread sheet for all 50 State rules that can be updated anytime
  • Added State rules of receiving state – This will let members know that some state required “First Paper” to be attempted by Sheriff based on statute.
  • Display the Six most current issues of the docket in Members only section
  • Job Post Email - Job post will send the state rules of origin, when requesting a quote.
  • Add/install on our website Google maps widget. The Google maps will show the pinning of the “Locations” of each member is located hosted on the NAPPS website based on address or zip code search, while providing an SEO benefit.

*Add Disclaimer Terms of Use on Job Post section of website:

Disclaimer Terms:
The guidelines on state rules for Process Service is only a reference and should be verified before use. Laws regarding civil process in you state may change occasionally and is suggested to visit your states judicial branch website for the most update rules regarding civil process. You acknowledge and agree that, by accessing or submitting a request through the NAPPS Job Post, you have read and understand the terms of use, when submitting a request through this feature.

*Added Disclaimer wording under comments and above Send E-Mail:

*It is incumbent upon the forwarding -receiving party to be aware of all rules that apply for proper manner of service and provisions for that jurisdiction. You must be authorized by your jurisdiction to ensure proper and legal service for documents you are sending and/or serving. (Note: Some Jurisdictions require service by Sheriff)

I will be attending the National Center for State Courts “NCSC” conference in Las Vegas December 12-14, 2016. This convention will provide an in-depth look and discussion on e-court technology infrastructure and how it is being implemented on a national basis. I continue to post industry related articles on a monthly basis to our social media outlets regarding court updates, technology changes and fun facts to the benefit of our audience.

Michael Kern
Website/Social Media Chairman