National Association of Professional Process Servers

Service on Florida Financial Institutions Effective January

48.092 has been created to address service upon a financial institution.  A summary is below.

1)     If a bank doesn’t want legal documents to go to a branch, it must designate an R/A (registered agent) with Sunbiz and if one is designated, service must be made to the designated R/A or R/A Company, who must be available Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm. If the bank is in compliance, no other service will be deemed valid and can be quashed.

2)     If the bank fails to comply with those hours, or fails to designate an R/A, then all service reverts back to serving at any branch by serving the branch President or Vice-President or other officer titled employee, pursuant to F.S. 655.0201. A Teller, Account Rep, or employee who doesn’t hold an officer title will not suffice and service may be quashed.

3)     If the Office of Financial Regulation wishes to have something served upon a bank, they can do it either way without recourse.

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