National Association of Professional Process Servers

Code of Ethics

It seems that a majority of the complaints being received of late consist of only that, complaints. The documentation and time lines received regarding Unethical Complaints are not providing exact examples of a breach of the NAPPS Code of Ethics. I would like to ask that any members who intend to submit an Unethical Complaint please review the Code of Ethics prior to doing so and specify which Code is being broken or violated by the Responding Member before submitting your complaints We should not force the Arbitration & Grievance panel members, chairperson or the Board of Directors to decide of which Code the member is in violation. If you can not determine which Code is being broken, then it is likely that it is not. No one is perfect and not every instance of a disappointing experience regarding forwarding service of process should constitute an Unethical Complaint. The outcome and procedure of any complaints filed may not be acceptable to both or either party, but that is the procedure. There are specific guidelines to follow and everyone should at a minimum read the NAPPS Policy Manual before filing a complaint to determine if it is something that would satisfy your disapproval of the other NAPPS member. The action needed may be just that you just don't trade work with that individual. With that being said, I would like to thank all members of the Arbitration & Grievance panels for all of their hard work and for welcoming me into this committee.