National Association of Professional Process Servers

Technology Committee Report – NAPPS Conference – Albuquerque

Over the last twelve months I have been able to achieve many of the goals, I outlined at the NAPPS conference in Washington D.C. last year.  Some of those goals were the rebuild of the NAPPS website, signup on all social media platforms and be more transparent with our membership by providing the technology information that is important and beneficial. Another benefit to the membership is our alliance with the FNTC (National Federation of Trusted Third Parties. In September 2015 Lance Randall, Gary Crowe and I attended several successful meetings in Paris, France with the “FNTC”, where we were shown many of their technology benefits including several electronic archiving solutions, encryptions and notification systems that is far advanced from what is currently being used in the United States. These benefits would be accessible to NAPPS members and provide courts that NAPPS is a trusted third party as the courts move forward with electronic formats and standards. While in attendance, our President fortified our relationship by signing and agreeing to have our NAPPS membership in the FNTC status being elevated to the Fourth College as a voting member. This is a very prestigious level of membership, as NAPPS now represents all of the United States. 

Since the launch of the new NAPPS website in late 2015, the website has been receiving positive feedback. My goal was to provide members with the latest technology news, conference updates and court updates to give our visitors that NAPPS is the best source of information. Our social media presence has skyrocketed on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn as are postings are being shared, re-tweeted, and liked by individuals who subscribe to these outlets on a regular basis. 

Our NAPPS Google analytics shows, we are receiving approximately 1100 hits per day with a very low bounce rate around 27% and 4.71 pages are viewed per visit. I am currently working with our webmaster John Shelley to install Google maps on NAPPS website later this year. The Google maps widget will show where each member is located based on address or zip code search, while provide an SEO benefit.

As I previously reported a group called OASIS proposed standards earlier this year in regards to e-service, which NAPPS provided comments, edits and insight in order to protect due process. Several other state associations provided comments regarding OASIS ECF 5.0. Based on those comments OASIS has accepted several of the changes suggested.  The standards written by OASIS is being used by courts in the USA that serve over 1/3 of the population and growing and if e-service proposal was adopted as written and implemented by courts it could have far reaching ramification on the profession.

At the end of this year I am planning to attend the National Center for State Courts “NCSC” in Las Vegas. This entity provides in-depth details on court technology infrastructure and how it is being implemented on a national basis. 


Michael Kern
Board of Directors/Technology Chairman