National Association of Professional Process Servers

The UIHJ attends the U.S National Sheriff's Conference

On June 24-26th, UIHJ President Marc Schmitz, Sue Collins, Gary Crowe & Fred Blum attended the Annual Conference of the National Sheriff's Association (NSA) in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA. 

The NSA became an Observer Member of the UIHJ in 2008 and a full member in 2021. President Schmitz and  


President Schmitz addressed the NSA's committee that discusses civil issues and enforcement on Sunday, June 25th, and again addressed the NSA's Executive Committee on June 26th. President Schmitz message to the NSA Board included information about what events are happening throughout the world regarding digitization and technology and the need to build a global code for the enforcement of these digital assets and the guidelines surrounding their enforcement.


He advised the NSA to become more involved with the UIHJ regarding the growing need to be a global force against the growing threats and ease of moving these assets around the world. “The world is not longer one state or one country. We are now a global world and need to cooperate and work together to be effective.”


On June 26th, President Schmitz addressed the Executive Board of the NSA and was received warmly by the board members present. The NSA President, Sheriff Greg Champagne, assured UIHJ President Schmitz that the NSA knows that enforcement is now a global problem and will follow up on this meeting with further involvement by the NSA.