National Association of Professional Process Servers

2022 Wrap-up

This committee just wrapped up another successful season of promoting NAPPS to the legal community.  In July we were in attendance at the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) conference in Phoenix, AZ and also in September at the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) conference in Cleveland, OH. While attendance at both conferences seemed to be beneficial for NAPPS, NALA continues to be the best-attended by paralegals and other legal professionals.

As an exhibitor, how does one measure the success of a conference when you aren’t able to track sales or new clientele? Does it matter how many people walk up to your booth and talk to you? Do you take in to account all of the people who may come in to the Exhibitor Room for a cup of coffee, notice your signage with web address and smiling booth attendees, but don’t actually come by to say hello? Do you hope for a spike in web analytics in the days post-conference? Do you advertise in the conference booklet or sponsor a coffee break, hoping people will look past the bagels and coffee to appreciate your sponsorship signage? While those tactics may work for people with clients and projected sales goals to reach, brand awareness has proven to be most beneficial for NAPPS. In so many instances we have people come up to us, whether we are at the booth or not, and say “Oh, I just love you guys. We go to the NAPPS website all the time to find servers!”  -or, one of our favorites, “NAPPS, yes – you know, our office doesn’t serve process, but I always have people asking for a process server referral and I always say ‘just go to the NAPPS website, it’s so easy!’ ”  Giving people a resource for their own network of professionals continues to make NAPPS a favorite stop for these conference-goers. We also have some pretty fun giveaways that they can take back to their offices and staff, with the NAPPS website prominently displayed.

While promoting the Association and pushing new work to our members is important, it is equally important to grow NAPPS.  In March 2022 our committee attended the Texas Association of Professional Process Servers (TxAPPS) Job Fair in Round Rock, TX. This was our second time exhibiting at this event, and it was another well-attended opportunity for NAPPS. When we first attended in February 2020 (right before the Pandemic) we had 14 new applications, resulting in 12 new members. This year, we were able to successfully register 9 new members.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary A. Crowe & Claire Scull, Co-Chairs, NAPPS Promotion & Growth Committee