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Bills Monitored as of Jan. 2, 2022. Includes Bills Monitored

Please click the link below to view the updated list of bills being monitored as of Jan. 2, 2022. Bills Monitored throughout 2021 are included.

Bills that Passed in 2021 will be removed from this list after January.
Bills in 2021 that died or did not progress during Session in 2021 will be removed from the list after January.
Bills that are carried over to the Regular 2022 Session will remain on the list past January. 
Keep in mind that State Legislature calendars vary. For example, in Illinois- one General Assembly calendar year equates to two regular calendar years. 

When prompted the password is: JAN22

(The letter in the password must be capitalized. Once the document appears you must download the PDF or HTML version to view the entire list.) 

All Bills Monitored as of Jan. 2, 2022.