National Association of Professional Process Servers

Year End

During March and April 2016 this committee received 14 complaints which is half of the amount at this same time last year! Of those complaints, eight (8) were Notices of Intent to File a Complaint, four (4) were Unethical Complaints, one (1) was a NonPayment Complaint.

I am happy to say that this period was uneventful and all matters were dealt with professionally and without issue.

As the year comes to a close for the NAPPS Board of Directors and we prepare to elect new officials during the Annual Convention in Albuquerque, NM, I wish to thank everyone involved in an arbitration or grievance matter for their courtesy during the potentially lengthy process. I would also like to extend gracious appreciation to the members of the Panel Review Committees for their participation in the process when needed and the speed in which they are able to assist. In the event the new NAPPS President appoints a new member to serve as the chair of this committee, I would like to thank Eric Vennes for the initial request to assist the association in this position as well as Lance Randall for extending the appointment. I wish any predecessors well as they fill my shoes and the shoes of those who performed this task before me.

I hope to see you all at the convention!