National Association of Professional Process Servers


What I am about to write may be a little out of the realm of my committee but I recently shared these tips with someone at the NAPPS conference and I was encouraged to pass them along.  

I love to travel.  I especially love to travel with someone. However, in recent years I have found myself traveling alone.  Woman traveling alone should be cautious and these are just a few things I do:

1.  I don't stay in a room on the first floor;

2.  I always request a double room and say there are 2 adults in the room;

3.  When I check in I get two keys; if asked who is staying in my room, I just add a Mr. (fill in the blank);

4.  When exploring, I try to keep close to a group so I look like I am with them or find a guided tour; and

5.  I make a conscious effort to keep my phone and my wallet in my purse so they can't easily be snatched by someone walking by.

Just a few things I do to keep myself safe and some things you might keep in mind if you find yourself traveling alone.  

Safe travels!