National Association of Professional Process Servers

Another Year, Another Meeting

Since the last Board Meeting in November 2015, 21 complaints have been submitted to this committee which is relative to the number of complaints during the last period.

Of those complaints received:

    • 7 have been Non-Payment Complaints with 6 closed and 1 pending.

    • 4 have been Unethical Complaints with 2 closed and 2 pending.

    • 9 have been Notices of Intent to File Complaint with 9 closed.

The Committee has issued one (1) Pattern of Behavior Warning Letter during this period.

One member has appealed the decision of the Panel Review Committee's vote.

Of these complaints two (2) were presented to the Board on February 6, 2016 along with the aforementioned appeal.

It seems the amount of complaints being filed would be reduced by 30% if the membership would review the policy and requirements to file before submitting them to this committee. We received seven (7) complaints this period that did not meet the requirements and were subsequently dismissed or the responding member was no longer an active NAPPS member.

Please also remember that this committee only pertains to a NAPPS member's standing in the NAPPS Association. We can not force a member to behave a certain way or run their business a certain way. We can only make recommendations regarding their membership with NAPPS according to our policies and procedures.

I would like to encourage anyone interested in getting involved in the Association to volunteer for a committee or run for the Board of Directors at this year's annual convention. I look forward to meeting you there!

To see any complaint outcomes, please refer to the Docket Sheet at

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