National Association of Professional Process Servers

Where Is My Affidavit?

The majority of cases we have received this quarter have been for missing affidavits. The reasons have been anything from mailing it without emailing a copy first as promised to not providing a proof because the form was not provided for completion.

We have also had a couple of cases with long standing professionals that are trying to retire but having difficulties with the managers that onboard, causing rifts between them and loyal clients.

Some of our members could use a lesson in empathy as the filing member can be the instigator and cause more trouble than the member(s) about whom they complain.

How would our members behave if NAPPS was a referral only association?  Hhhhmmmm......

Full case summaries and public sanctions appear in our Docket Sheet articles. We also provide yearly statistics and case information during the Annual Meeting at the Annual Convention. This year it's being held in Las Vegas, NV. I hope to see you there!