National Association of Professional Process Servers


Another project the Committee has been working on recently is a ‘point of contact’ spreadsheet for those States not yet formally organized. Most importantly, as it applies to Legislative notification and outreach. I recently spent some time behind the scenes with our current Legislative Committee Chair, Mr. Andy Estin. The work that is being done regarding monitoring alone is mind-numbing, as it’s a daily, multi-hour task to make certain State interests are being protected. However, as diligent as the Committee is, it can’t be the only avenue of responsibility. It is imperative that EACH AND EVERY STATE has a contact hierarchy implemented for notification and action, so that if a bill is found of even minimal significance, the members of the pertinent State can act quickly and efficiently. Ask yourself the following: 1. Who in your State is responsible for monitoring Bills that may have an adverse effect on the profession? 2. If a Bill of such ilk is found, what is the corresponding plan of action? 3. Who in your State should NAPPS contact if a potentially negative Bill is detected? It cannot be, or should be, NAPPS’ sole responsibility for legislative monitoring. Does your State have a contact tree in place? Does NAPPS know what that flowchart looks like? Who is the point person and do either the Legislative or State Association Committee know who to quickly present their findings? If you answered with a shrug of your shoulders, I implore you to close that gap just as you are possibly able. As always, we are here to help and welcome the opportunity to do so.