National Association of Professional Process Servers

Promotion and Growth Update

The NAPPS social media platforms are not only surviving, but thriving.  It's been mentioned many times in past articles the importance of our presence on social media platforms.  Starting with the Presidency of Lance Randall, Mike Kern, as Technology Chair, and John Shelley, our web designer, made huge strides in the involvement of NAPPS on social media.  Since that time, our following has grown.  Search engines are used almost exclusively now to find companies, research for information and to find a company to provide a service.  It is extremely important that NAPPS has a presence with beneficial information and information to get them to our web site to use our members for their work. 

Our Facebook group is going strong with 919 members and continues to grow.  The group moderator is Linda Cruz and we thank her for the never-ending hours she spends watching our posts and discussions.  The group is s source for our members to ask questions, get news out quickly to other members of the group, share stories and communicate with each other.  There are no complaints or mentions of other members by name allowed in the group posts.  There are other avenues for members to solve a complaint against other members. 

Our Facebook page now has 2,722 followers.  These followers are from many industries and professions and not just limited to NAPPS members.  The Facebook page is used to inform our members and the public about upcoming events, interesting news and to let the public know who we are and direct them to the NAPPS web site to find a members in the area they need work done.  The page has been a great success and we plan on adding additional information and videos in the near future. 

NAPPS also has pages and accounts on other national social media sites.  Our Twitter account currently has 1,869 followers.  We use this account to post meetings, events and national news concerning service of process or associated professions.  The Linkin account has 1,190 followers and is used in much the same way as Facebook and Twitter. 

We created a NAPPS YouTube channel.  NAPPS already had videos posted on YouTube about the benefits of becoming a member, who we are, the Secured Documents Trading platform and FSC Compliance.  We are looking to add many more informative videos to this channel and would appreciate any video that you believe would be beneficial information for the public to view.  No advertising please, but any information about process service, new laws, how you have benefited from being a members, etc would be appreciated. 

The promotions and growth committee will be continuing to focus on video, creating new content in the form of board updates and member testimonials and interviews. We understand that there are only so many hours in the day, and want to distribute helpful content in multiple formats to make it easy to take in how and when it’s convenient for our membership.