National Association of Professional Process Servers

NAPPS Find a Server Report

The technology committee continues to work with the SEO Company to increase our ranking and presence on Google, Bing and Yahoo. One of the committee’s main goals is to rank each members city and state listing. For example, if a member has multiple city listings in NAPPS the goal is to have each city listing ranked in the search engines. Example: with the catchphrase under the URL: Find a local process server in “City, State” through NAPPS, the largest, worldwide association of professional process servers.

Our Search Engine Optimization “SEO” analytics shows the NAPPS ranking campaign has been constantly improving monthly based on search results. We have an average of 4.62 pages viewed with an average duration on the website of 4:55 minutes per session. Recently, Torri Schaffer has joined the Technology committee and has provided some additional ideas for key words and or content to expand the NAPPS website.  

Reporting Period: January - June 2018 vs. January - June 2019

Website Highlights

  • 7.71% Increase in Sessions
  • 12.78% Increase in Users
  • 13.99% Increase in New Users

Organic Highlights

  • 13.07% Increase in Sessions
  • 15.97% Increase in Users
  • 17.91% Increase in New Users

The SEO company continues to do an outstanding job in order to achieve goals the committee has set forth. I believe this is one of the greatest benefits of membership in order to continue to drive traffic to our members.  

We created the NAPPS Facebook Group page to engage process servers and members alike. You now have the ability to interact with other process servers, investigators and legal support professional around the world. Currently we have over 900 members in the group, since its inception in May 2019 and is growing monthly.

I have actively pursuing several technology conferences held around the country that may be beneficial for the association to market to law firms, collection agencies and insurance companies to connect with our members.

The committee continues to keep a watchful eye on all technology sectors that could have an effect on process servers, such as electronic service of process and proposed mailing bills through subscribed RSS and email alerts.


Michael Kern   

Technology Committee Chairman