National Association of Professional Process Servers

37th Annual NAPPS Conference Report

I’m excited to represent the 2018-2019 NAPPS Promotions & Growth Committee as Committee Chairperson at the 37th annual NAPPS Conference in Orlando, FL.  I’d first like to thank the members of the Committee for their continued support and hard work.  Cliff Jacobs, Pamela “Blu” Daniels, and Michael Kern… it’s been a pleasure working with you all on our projects.  I cannot express enough how fortunate I was to have a committee of people who were so committed to attend every meeting and always have input for us to discuss on every topic.  Michael Daigneault and Torri Shaffer joined us a little later in the year; but jumped right in with such positive attitudes and willingness to do whatever needed to be done.  This has been a great committee and a great year for promotions and growth in NAPPS.

This committee’s focus has been to grow NAPPS’ social media presence and log the resulting effect marking NAPPS more in social media may have on membership.  We have definitely seen results that indicate more people are seeing what we share, and more eyes are being drawn to the NAPPS website.

                Nine months ago, our first project was a NAPPS Promotional Video Contest.  Tamara Matesevac Runchey won the grand prize with her amazing promotional video that highlighted so many different aspects of benefits of membership with NAPPS.  We almost immediately published Tammy’s video to the NAPPS YouTube page, along with a couple videos made by members of our committee which have now received over 220 views.

                We’ve been sharing many things in our social media to test our hypothesis that if we share it in social media, we are driving people to the NAPPS web site.  We’ve shared invitations to events, tidbits of info that process servers may find interesting, and some of the podcasts that have been worked on by other committees during this last year.  In April, the sharing of the Financial Services Compliance podcast got an overwhelming 256 downloads in just 9 days of being posted online.  All together the podcasts have been downloaded over 1050 times.  NAPPS has definitely seen an increase in traffic to the NAPPS website, as well as an increase in membership applications; especially since the online application went live in January 2019.

Our Committee is here at this 37th annual NAPPS Conference continuing our work for NAPPS and for the Promotions & Growth Committee.  We’ve got a photo/video booth set up where we’re talking to NAPPS members here, asking you questions about your successes with NAPPS and the main benefits you receive from being a member.  Our goal is to leave this year’s conference with a small and diverse library of video clips of NAPPS members saying positive things about NAPPS that we can share with the world.  Who better to represent NAPPS than the members who make it NAPPS? 

We hope that you have enjoyed following us on this journey we’ve begun in NAPPS’ Social Media and look forward to speaking with each of you at the video booth throughout the weekend.



Jessica D. Jester Saucedo

Committee Chairperson