National Association of Professional Process Servers

Grievance or Arbitration

This committee receives several queries regarding our duties both from members and the public.

We are here to settle disputes between members. We can not do the following: arbitrate for the public; impose fines, fees or interest; suspend or revoke a license.  We can: suspend or revoke a membership of this Association; recommend payment of overdue invoices.

This committee can not force its membership to perform any duties, including providing affidavits and or paying their invoices. We can only accept complaints for such actions and recommend an outcome. However, this outcome can be leveraged by the membership status if such recommendation is not followed.

Our decisions can not be transferred to court but can be used to support a court case.

Policy 5 does not allow for counterclaims or amended complaints. We try to keep the process clean and minimal with one open complaint between members at a time. We do review both sides independently and collectively in order to recommend the most favorable outcome. This could mean both parties receive sanctions.

We understand it is an emotional process for both sides and we try to do our best to adhere to the Policy while being compassionate to your needs.

I hope we are doing what the membership feels is beneficial overall.