National Association of Professional Process Servers

NY A3579 - Process Servers would be required to submit servi

This bill was introduced on January 29, 2019. Summary:  Relates to process server records; provides for oversight of process server records by 3rd party contractors. 


This bill would require the process server to provide the records to a 3rd party contracts within 3 days of service of the attempted service. 

Once submitted the information cannot be deleted. 

The records shall be "reported" in chronological order.

It shall be unlawful for the process server to tamper with any of the data.

If a typographical error occurred or the server's record was accidentally omitted from the electronic record, the 3rd party contractor may make an amendment. 

All 3rd party contractors must maintain a daily backup of all submissions. 

All data must be available for review for any and all "interested" parties.  

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