National Association of Professional Process Servers

CEPEJ Study Group on Artificial Intelligence

On June 27th, I attended a working session of CEPEJ, the authority which monitors and sets guidelines for the efficiency of justice in the Council of Europe.  (47 countries).  Through our relationship with the UIHJ, who is an observer to CEPEJ, I was able to obtain an invitation to the meeting.  

Throughout the day there were many experts that gave the CEPEJ members updates on the technology available currently and the companies/software being used to offer the services.  Many of them from the United States.  They covered topics concerning what artificial intelligence is capable of in the legal sector at this time and what information and services the court, especially the judge can obtain from these services.

There was then much discussion on how and when this technology should be used.  ie:  should we let the computers render judgments, or suggest arguments & opinions?   The morality and extent of the use of new technologies available is still an open question.