National Association of Professional Process Servers

Complaint Discussion

I've had some member requests to discuss more of the meat of the complaints so that members can learn about issues related to this committee.

So far this quarter, we have had the following complaints arise and be subsequetly settled (names have been omitted)


1.  Case received from service provider requesting full fees as invoiced to client. Service provider could not prove the additional fees or additional addresses were authorized prior to attempting. Service provider was required to forfeit the extra fees.



2.  Two cases for NonPayment where the responding member did not reply to the committee but submitted payment to the complaining member. If the complaining member wanted to pursue (committee allows dismissal), then responding member could face discipline for nonresponse to the committee.


This quarter has been relatively quiet but I would like to get your opinions if possible. It has become a discussed whether the Notice of Intent should be viewed as a complaint for the purpose of a pattern of behavior warning or the complaint history of a member during Board discussions. If you feel strongly one way or the other, I welcome your input. Send any comments to