National Association of Professional Process Servers

Policies and Procedures

During the past month this committee has received several unusual complaints that do not conform to Policy 5.

There have been complaints for non-members because the NAPPS logo is on their company website, members filing retaliatory complaints against the member that filed first, as well as a member attempting to amend their complaint after receiving the reply from the opposing member.

Policy 5 outlines who may file a complaint, who may receive a complaint, and the full process of reviewing each complaint.

NAPPS does not have a cross-complaint procedure so if someone files against you before you had a chance to file against them, then you just have to provide as much evidence to support your side as possible. You can not file a cross- complaint with your reply regarding the same matter that is already under review.

There is no allowance for amending a complaint after receiving the opposing parties reply. Whether the reply raised further issues or contained derogatory language about the filing member, the rebuttal to that reply must either indicate that the initial matter stated in the original complaint is satisfied by the reply or the matter needs to be reviewed by the Panel for sanctions. If the reply raised further issues, the Panel Review members are well versed in reviewing such complaints and will study both sides of the argument to provide a majority decision for or against either party.

If further issues remain after the initial complaint is reviewed and closed, then another complaint may be filed but it must not be a duplicate statement/reason as that provided in the original complaint.

If you find that a website is advertising they are NAPPS members but there is no membership listing on the NAPPS website, printed directory or yellow supplement, then please notify NAPPS Administration of the misuse of the logo. This committee can not pursue the matter.

I hope this information is helpful but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.