National Association of Professional Process Servers


I hope you are all off to a successful and prosperous new year!

During the beginning of 2018 this committee has adopted some additional forms to assist in streamlining and simplifying the complaint process.  We have designed a process flowchart to be included in all initial filings when sent to the responding member along with formal reply and rebuttal forms to complete when responding to a complaint or reply from another member.

The first few complaints using these new forms have been successful to slow the responding member from acting emotionally and taking the time to formalize their reply or rebuttal.

I am aware that a complaint brought against you or a reply that upsets the filing member can trigger an emotional response, but please take time to submit your evidence in a clear and professional manner. Nothing will cloud the process more than an incoherent rambling response.

I have attached the forms for you to view and they will be furnished to the members during the complaint process.