National Association of Professional Process Servers

Follow Through

During May and June 2015 this committee has received 28 complaints. Of which 18 of those were Notices of Intent to File a Complaint used for nonpayment of invoices which exceed 90 days. One of these Notices was dismissed as the member filing the Notice of Intent sent the original Notice to this committee instead of the responding member. Another Notice was dismissed when received as the complaining member did not wait until the invoice was over 90 days old. This committee will not acknowledge the NonPayment Complaint without proper notice of the Notice of Intent to File a Complaint. You will be required to begin the process again after the invoice(s) in question reach(es) 90 days. A bounced check or bankruptcy notice from the responding member does not provide special circumstances to forego this procedure. Five Unethical Complaints were received during this period with three members neglecting or refusing to respond to the complaint. Any NAPPS member should make themselves familiar with the NAPPS Policy as paragraph M indicates that this practice is grounds for automatic revocation of your membership. Two warning letters were issued regarding patterns of behavior that will not be tolerated within this Association. Three NonPayment Complaints were received during this period. One member neglected or refused to respond to the complaint, one member did not provide the required documentation causing the complaint to be dismissed and one member paid the invoices in question. There were a surprising number of members who filed their complaints incorrectly and after numerous requests by this committee to provide the required documentation were unanswered or ignored their complaint was dismissed. This seems to be a waste of time for this committee and for the filing member. If you are considering using this committee to record and find resolution to an unethical or nonpayment issue with another member, then please be professional and courteous during the process.