National Association of Professional Process Servers

Process Server Technology and You!

Wow! Another great year in the books for the technology committee. My
committee has been working on many projects over the past year regarding the website.  Some examples are the continuous updates to website, creation and design of the NAPPS App, production of two “YouTube” marketing videos and , while reaching out to several process serving software companies to connect with the NAPPS trading platform. We are constantly adding Process Server Technology enhancements to the website as follows:

  • Drop down menu “Document Type” and listed 15 common documents served
  • Installed Legiscan “Legislation Map” widget showing nationwide of all legislation being watched by NAPPS in the member’s only section.
  • Display the Six most current issues of the docket in Members only section
  • Installed Google maps widget for each member listing. The maps shows the pinning “Locations” where each member is located based on address or zip code search, which provides an SEO value.
  • Added check box to job posting for members to “Request a carbon copy of job posting” and send e-mail

Website Enhancements in Production:

We are currently in production on building a NAPPS App Conventions, Docket, breaking news, membership updates and more that will be ready by end of  the year;  Another is the design and Installation of a "Banner" on the NAPPS home page of website to display breaking news or upcoming events.

Social Media: Constant posting on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. We only had Facebook prior to me being elected to the board with only 480 likes and now in less than two years have over 1,300 likes.  Twitter has really grown since going live with almost 1,000 followers.

Marketing: I am currently part of the marketing and strategic planning committee to find new avenues of growth in the association and the general public. One example is hiring a Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which funds have been approved by the board of directors to hire an Search engine optimization (SEO) company in order to get NAPPS more website or web page visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results often referred to as "natural, “or “organic”.

Video: Scripted and designed the first NAPPS YouTube video. These videos will be used for membership promotion to process servers and investigators to join NAPPS and the 2nd video will be made for lawyers, paralegals and the general public the benefits of using a NAPPS member. I think it highlights the value of membership that will provide us with a great marketing and SEO benefit. The first video is already live on the NAPPS website. Visit the NAPPS website and check it out.

Blog & Social Media posting: I continuously post information on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ on a regular basis to inform members of the latest news, technology and legislative issues around the country. We have currently 1,125 Facebook likes and Twitter has over 895 followers, which has increased by 76% over the past two years

Secure Trading Document Service “SDTS”: I have reached out to many process serving software companies to connect with NAPPS trading Platform on a global scale.

Attend Events: I attended the National Center for State Courts “NCSC” conference in Las Vegas December 2016. This conference provided in-depth look and discussion on e-court technology infrastructure and how it is being implemented on a national basis. Discussions will included, which States are providing an e-filing portal or similar infrastructure that supports this technology, such as an Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSP) that allow filers to choose additional capabilities. The key topics of the conference were the discussions of artificial intelligence, big data, e-filing of documents, and cyber-security. It was a great conference and believe it is important to inform our members that court technology is coming at a rapid rate.

Michael Kern

Technology Chairman