National Association of Professional Process Servers

Do You Have A Suggestion?

I would like to take some time to get your feedback.

We have a few issues that the membership has expressed a desire for change. Policy 5 currently has no procedures outlined for a cross complaint. Currently, all allegations must be submitted with the reply of the responding member to be incorporated into the complaint. Do you believe there should be a process for submitting and review a cross complaint?

Another question that has been posed to this committee is that of a time limit for filing. There is no limit on the filing of a complaint at this time with the exception of the NonPayment procedure not being able to begin until 90 days after the original invoice.  Do you see a need for a time limit for filing a complaint?

Finally, some complaints have come across my desk regarding members being incommunicado. It is our view that all members, being professionals like we are, should make it as publicly advertised as possible )with the use of auto-emails, website postings, voicemail messages, email blasts, etc) that their offices will be closed or unable to assist for a certain amount of time. Please remember that we are professionals and it is our duty to the public, other members and our clients to communicate.

To view the current policy, please visit Inside NAPPS.