National Association of Professional Process Servers

Securing New Job Opportunities

Joining an Association: Becoming a member of an association speeds up community integration. Get to know people who have process jobs in your area by browsing the NAPPS and state association directories. Associations provide learning opportunities, networking mixers, and promote the sharing of industry knowledge. In an era of everyone out for themselves, it is important to remember that those of us in the process serving industry are all in this together. Do a great job and keep the field alive. Lean on one another as necessary and do what it takes to get the job done!

Networking: By visiting with other process servers, attorney services companies and law offices you get your company face out there. When an acquaintance you met by networking receives a job they cannot do...who do you think they are going to call? Hopefully, you! If you left a good impression that is.

Having an Amazing Website: A good website shows credibility. Websites also make your company appear more established than it may be. Some websites offer self-service to your clients which streamlines efficiency and fosters the belief that your business is on the cutting-edge. My best advice to you is to get a software provider that offers a client portal for placing and tracking orders.

Getting Referrals: Most people prefer to do business with someone they know, but that is not always an option. In this case, potential clients will look around for a good referral. If you have satisfied customers on your books, then your business sells itself.

Distributing Business Cards: This may be old school, but it works. Business cards give people the opportunity to come to you on their own terms. Business cards are a “soft sell” method as they put no pressure on potential prospects. Someone who takes the time to curate a quality business card is someone who cares enough to surpass expectations. Business cards speak VOLUMES.

Custom Marketing Letter: Rather than targeting a large audience, my suggestion is to distribute marketing letters on a smaller scale. Create your campaign with a goal in mind. For example, there are many rental agencies struggling to get tenants to pay with the ongoing pandemic. These businesses would be prime candidates to solicit your business services to. Email them a marketing letter describing how you can track down and serve writs for them when the moratorium is lifted.

Keeping Clients Happy: Lastly, and most importantly is do the best you can. Communicate with your clients and do not accept jobs you cannot do. I love this quote, by David Segal of the Washington Post in his 1998 article: Big Year for the Bad News Bearers, “The best in the business drive like Mario Andretti, snoop like Columbo and stalk like a repo man.” Process servers must have tenacity and be self-motivated. Not everyone can do this job, but those who do, embody the quote above.

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