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Jeremy P. Whitesell Whitesell Investigative Services, Inc2015CharlotteNC282093.6
Tonya Phifer JPPI Investigations2022CharlotteNC282114.3
G. Marshall Johnson Premier Process Server2017CharlotteNC282114.3
Stacey Milbourne Superior Servers - Process Service2012CharlotteNC282174.3
Lakeshia Louis LaKeys LLC2024CharlotteNC282735.0
Ron Grossberg Palmetto Legal Gophers2011CharlotteNC282735.0
Eric Backmon Paper Boi, LLC2023CharlotteNC282035.4
John D. Corcoran John Corcoran Private Investigator2006CharlotteNC282035.4
Russell Phillips Carolina Process Server2022CharlotteNC282035.4
Michael VanKeuren VanKeuren's Process Service2010CharlotteNC282035.4
Ronald J. Rugen Action Legal Process2006CharlotteNC282035.4
Meghan Buschbacher Accurate Serve of Charlotte2023CharlotteNC282046.0
Aliyur El Bey D-N-A Civil Process Servers LLC2023CharlotteNC282046.0
Kathy Broom Process Servers of the Carolinas2019CharlotteNC282336.8
Ruth A. Reynolds Reynolds Professional Service, Inc.1990CharlotteNC282186.8
Tracy Thomason Weno Process, LLC2023CharlotteNC282057.3
Nicholas Ayers GetServd Process Serving LLC2020CharlotteNC282127.6
Meghan Buschbacher Accurate Serve of Charlotte2023Fort MillSC297159.3
Lester L. Franzen Southern Pride Process, LLC2016Fort MillSC2970710.2
Earl Lovett III The Lovett Group & Investigative Services LLC2011CharlotteNC2821612.4

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The National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) is the largest community of professional process servers. With more than 2,000 members, NAPPS is represented worldwide and in all 50 states. Not only can you hire hundreds of process servers through our directory, we are also the leading source of news, legislation and information regarding the process serving industry. Each NAPPS member is held to the highest ethical standards, providing you will the highest quality of service and assuring each citizen’s right to due process.