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Patrick R. Lee PDK Investigations2018TampaFL336183.9
Rob Bamberg Lynx Legal Services, LLC2008TampaFL336344.5
Melody Bulso ProVest2009TampaFL336145.4
Rob Bamberg Lynx Legal Services, LLC2008TampaFL336145.4
Neil Heath ProVest, Inc.2002TampaFL336145.4
John Shelley Caffeine Code Inc2015OdessaFL335565.5
J.R. Long, Jr. Tampa Process, LLC2013TampaFL336886.2
Rob Bamberg Lynx Legal Services, LLC2008TampaFL336136.6
Kenneth W. 'Sully' Sullenberger Claims Confirmation Specialists2019TampaFL336126.6
Neal Doane 1540 Legal Services, Inc.2019LutzFL335587.4
Tevitt L. Givens  2013TampaFL335497.5
Fred Wendling Venture Investigations & Process Services, Inc.2001ClearwaterFL346777.6
Tammie Culligan Omni Services, Inc.2012TampaFL335488.0
Don Seward Fast Process, Inc.2002TampaFL336099.3
Beau Charlet Accurate Serve®2010TampaFL3360210.0
Elizabeth Barry S & W Process Service1990TampaFL3360210.0
Adam Wolfe MercuryServe, Inc.2002TampaFL3360210.0
Sean B. Segel S & W Process Service2008Saint PetersburgFL3360210.0
Rob Bamberg Lynx Legal Services, LLC2008TampaFL3360210.0
David Schulz Marciniak Detective Agency, Inc.1995TampaFL3360110.4

Hire A Process Server Anywhere In The U.S.

The National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) is the largest community of professional process servers. With more than 2,000 members, NAPPS is represented worldwide and in all 50 states. Not only can you hire hundreds of process servers through our directory, we are also the leading source of news, legislation and information regarding the process serving industry. Each NAPPS member is held to the highest ethical standards, providing you will the highest quality of service and assuring each citizen’s right to due process.