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Mark B. Smith Markell & Associates, Inc.2003Saint LouisMO631460.1
Amy R. Post Post Legal Investigations2016Saint LouisMO630175.8
David A. Lung St. Charles County Process Service2011Saint CharlesMO631306.9
Robert Pedroli, III Process Server St. Louis2014Saint LouisMO631057.1
Don Jenkins Jenkins & Associates Investigations2016Saint CharlesMO633037.2
Lawrence G. Roth Services Rendered, Inc.1994Saint LouisMO631177.8
Mike Walrod HPS Process Service & Invesigations2017Saint LouisMO631177.8
Doug Shaw Research Specialist Inc.2009Saint LouisMO630228.4
Dennis Dahlberg Dahlberg & Associates, LLC2005Saint LouisMO631358.8
John Frederick Frederick Investigations Inc.2013Saint LouisMO6312710.6
Kevin Brock A.A.I. St. Louis Legal Support Services2002Saint LouisMO6310810.8
Robert A. Anderson A.A.A. Process Service, Inc.2001Saint LouisMO6310910.9
Marybeth Rice E.M.I.2006Saint LouisMO6311011.0
John McCarthy Special Services1997Saint LouisMO6310313.2
Jose Pineiro Missouri Process Serving, LLC2013Saint LouisMO6310313.2
Ronald J. Rugen Action Legal Process2006Saint LouisMO6311813.5
Larry McDowell McDowell and Associates, LTD1994Saint LouisMO6310413.7
Mark Rauss AA Process Servers, LLC2008Saint LouisMO6312514.2
Jose Pineiro Missouri Process Serving, LLC2013Granite CityIL6204018.1
Joe Saville Midwest Process Service, LLC2010Saint LouisMO6338523.8