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Full NameCompanyMember SinceCityStateZipMiles from zip
Richard Damico Express Legal Process & Investigations, Inc. 2011TampaFL336242.1
Tammie Culligan Omni Services, Inc.2012TampaFL336183.9
Bridget Millsaps Butler Legal, LLC2013Saint PetersburgFL336354.0
Bridget Millsaps Butler Legal, LLC2013TampaFL336354.0
John Brady ProServe USA2009TampaFL336154.7
Robyn Arey ProVest2010TampaFL336145.4
Melody Bulso ProVest2009TampaFL336145.4
Neil Heath ProVest, Inc.2002TampaFL336145.4
Gene McNabb Quick Serve Process Service1997TampaFL335565.5
J.R. Long, Jr. Investigative Services of Tampa2013TampaFL336886.2
Anthony Demaso Anthony Demaso Process Server2013TampaFL336047.2
Edward R. Scott ERS Express Process2010TampaFL335497.5
Fred Wendling Venture Investigations & Process Services, Inc.2001ClearwaterFL346777.6
Joseph Daly DPS Group Inc.2013TampaFL335488.0
Daniel "Dan O" Irvine Irvine Investigating & Process Services1998TampaFL336078.3
Darren Drysdale Stealth Pro Services, Inc.2015Tarpon SpringsFL346889.2
Michael N. Mattia Zenith Investigations, Inc.2014Tarpon SpringsFL346889.2
John Brady ProServe USA2009TampaFL336099.3
Don Seward Fast Process, Inc.2002TampaFL336099.3
Elizabeth Barry S & W Process Service1990TampaFL3360210.0
John Brady ProServe USA2009TampaFL3360210.0
Paul Jessee Choice Process - Tampa1993TampaFL3360210.0
Sean B. Segel S & W Process Service2008Saint PetersburgFL3360210.0
Adam Wolfe MercuryServe, Inc.2002TampaFL3360210.0
Stephen John Carlyle Front Range Legal Process Service, LLC2004TampaFL3367210.4
Beau Charlet Accurate Serve2010Palm HarborFL3468410.4
J.C. Dominguez TSI Investigations2010TampaFL3367910.4
Humberto Navarro Primetime Process, Inc.2007Palm HarborFL3468410.4
Dagoberto "Bert" Rodriguez, Jr. B.R.'s Professional Services, Inc.2013TampaFL3367710.4
David Schulz Marciniak Detective Agency, Inc.1995TampaFL3360110.4
Brandon T. Smith Florida Process, Inc.2009TampaFL3367910.4
Scott Kamp S.L.K. Investigations, Inc2008TampaFL3360510.6
Shelagh Roberts Due Process II Inc.2012ClearwaterFL3376110.6
Frank Bursa Above The Rest Process Service LLC2011TampaFL3360610.7
David A. Currier Legal Always Works2011TampaFL3362910.7
Melisa Thompson You've Been Served Process Service LLC2015Land O'LakesFL3463913.0
Tevitt L. Givens  2013TampaFL3361614.1
Michael J. Conroy Gietzen and Associates2013TampaFL3371614.6
Alan M. Kronschnabl K-One Investigations, Inc.1994ClearwaterFL3376414.7
Suzette Blank Innovative Process Service & Investigations2009TampaFL3376215.1
James Mehr James Mehr Investigations2001ClearwaterFL3375515.1
Richard Waddell R&W Waddell Inc.2008New Port RicheyFL3465416.1
Dee Tedesco ACCEL Process Service, Inc.2010ClearwaterFL3375616.5
Linda G. Martin Hitch's Process Service, Inc.2010BrandonFL3351017.8
Darren Green Legal Transporters, Inc.2014Saint PetersburgFL3370318.0
Frank Bursa A.T.R. Process Service LLC2011OldsmarFL3350818.9
Frank Bursa A.T.R. Process Service LLC2011LutzFL3350818.9
Frank Bursa Above The Rest Process Service LLC2011BrandonFL3351119.4
Beau Charlet Accurate Serve2010TampaFL3351119.4
Mark Maraventano Applied Process Professionals Inc.2012LargoFL3377819.4
Dee Tedesco ACCEL Process Service, Inc.2010LargoFL3377819.4
Thomas E. Santarlas Tampa Process Service 2002TampaFL3356821.4
Thomas E. Santarlas Tampa Process Service 2002BrandonFL3356821.4
Thomas E. Santarlas Tampa Process Service 2002RiverviewFL3356821.4
Edward A. Lazo The Lazo Agency2001Saint PetersburgFL3371021.9
Russell S. Aloi Invex Investigations Inc.2011Saint PetersburgFL3373322.0
Claude E. Lavaron, III EX-CEL Investigations ®1985Saint PetersburgFL3374222.0
Claude E. Lavaron, III EX-CEL Investigations ®1985TampaFL3374222.0
Dee Tedesco ACCEL Process Service, Inc.2010Saint PetersburgFL3373122.0
Frank M. Vulpis Nature Coast Process & Document Retrieval Services, Inc.2010Spring HillFL3460627.8
Joe Groeneveld Inline Process Services, Inc.2010BrooksvilleFL3460430.7
Richard Nalbach NalbachToCourt2010LakelandFL3381033.5
Joyce F. Fletcher Florida Central Process Service, Inc.2014BrooksvilleFL3460136.0
Richard Fletcher Florida Central Process Service, Inc.1996BrooksvilleFL3460136.0
Ronald L. Fletcher Progressive Process Service, LLC2010New Port RicheyFL3460136.0
Susan Upthegrove Susan Upthegrove2011LakelandFL3380337.1
Beau Charlet Accurate Serve2010LakelandFL3381339.4
Janet L. Vogel Roadrunner Process Serving2013LakelandFL3381339.4
Joseph J. Zarbo, Jr. Zarbo Investigations, Inc.2004Winter HavenFL3381339.4
Mary Sanger ASAP Process Services, LLC2007BradentonFL3420540.4
John J. Karas Priority Process Plus2013BradentonFL3420244.9
John Brady ProServe USA2009SarasotaFL3424345.8
Dennis L. Chambers Attorney Services and Process2000SarasotaFL3424345.8
Dennis L. Chambers Attorney Service and Processing2000BradentonFL3424345.8
James E. Beatty Priority Process Plus1997SarasotaFL3420146.6
Andy Burgess BJT Attorney Services, Inc.1997Winter HavenFL3388049.8
Bridget Millsaps Butler Legal, LLC2013SarasotaFL3423050.7
Margaret L. Zawacki Here Comes the Judge1999SarasotaFL3423750.7
Mary Sanger ASAP Process Services, LLC2007SarasotaFL3423650.9

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